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Michael Hamper owner of Water Treatment and Filtration LLC Sarasota

Michael Hamper

Owner, Operator & Veteran

Water Treatment and Filtration, LLC (WTF) was developed after understanding the crucial need for high-quality water services in Sarasota, Bradenton, Myakka and surrounding areas. Guided by the principle to protect and improve your quality of life; WTF is dedicated to providing quality systems to your family that will allow safe, clean water to flow through your pipes, so health and longevity can run through your veins.
Owner, operator, and patriot Michael Hamper is known for his unapologetic passion for helping others and deep-seated attention to detail. After earning the title US Marine, Hamper served as the Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) Defense instructor and advisor to the commanding officer at 1st Battalion 24th Marines for 8 years. Among his numerous duties was the testing and identifying biological, chemical, and radioactive contaminants that cause harm to our fellow Marines in training and combat.
This passion expanded to continuing his education and working for larger water companies. While using the care and diligence he learned in the military, Water Treatment and Filtration, LLC  and Michael Hamper have quickly become one of the most trusted names in water quality. You can rely on us to service any softeners, aerators, air injection systems, reverse osmosis filters, drinking water filters, chlorinators, carbon filters, or ultraviolet lights and ensure the safety of your water.


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