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Residential Water Treatment Systems

The term “water softener” is often used interchangeably with a variety of different systems. 

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

A Reverse Osmosis system installed under your sink is your source of top quality drinking water. Say goodbye to bottled water for good!

Water Filtration Sarasota Florida reverse osmosis

Tap Systems

One tap, five functions – the only touchscreen tap of its kind. Add instant boiling, sparkling, and chilled water at the touch of a button.

Water Pressure Adjustment

While it is always possible to adjust water pressure, the method used will depend on the pre-existing equipment.
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Hydrogen sulfide gas smell
(rotten eggs) or discolored water may be a sign of bacteria in your plumbing.
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Worry free water quality. Our salt delivery and maintenance services ensures uninterrupted operation from your water system.

Customized Water Treatment &
Filtration Systems

Trust that no matter your needs or filtration goals, Water Treatment and Filtration will discover a solution for you. We ensure the highest integrity and credibility of products and services.


We are here to enhance your water to improve your quality of life.

Aluminum, Ammonia, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chloramine, Chromium, Copper, Fluoride, Bacteria & Viruses, Lead, Nitrates/Nitrites, Mercury, Perchlorate.

The “hardness” in hard water originally referred to the difficulty to wash or lather soap in said water. This happens as a result of too many hardness minerals in water. Calcium and magnesium are the most common hardness minerals.

The many benefits of a water softener include healthier hair and skin, cleaner and softer clothing, healthier better tasting drinking water, and less wear and tear on plumbing and fixtures.
Any time water stinks or feels slimy it is usually an indication of bacteria in the water.
The main cause of water marks on faucets is calcium or lime build up.
Orange colored stains are usually from high iron content in water.
Yes. The method used will depend on your existing equipment.

The reason many people have itchy or dry skin after a shower is due to the minerals in their water. Very small chemical and metal particles get into pores and cause skin irritation

Hard, mineral rich water can be a cause of soap not lathering.
Brown or discolored water is caused by tannin.  Tannins are fermented organic materials that are created by the breakdown of vegetation.
High mineral content in water can discolor clothing and make it much harder for soap to lather, making washing them more difficult.
Similar to clothes, dishes washed in hard water retain some of the minerals found in the water causing marks. Also, dishwasher detergent is less effective in mineral rich water.
When water with high mineral content passes through pipes and appliances, the minerals build up on the inside over time and restrict flow, damage pipes, and further pollute water